How early is too early to plan for Christmas? Or anything else in business?

Retailers started planning for Christmas immediately after last Christmas ended, and now we are in October we will start seeing the fruits of this planning hit the shelves very shortly. And across the entire business spectrum, we all know that proper planning is an absolutely essential component of success. So what if there was a business management system that allowed you to plan for future demand in five easy steps and with a high degree of confidence? The SAP Business One Materials Resource Planning (MRP) wizard allows you to use your hard data, market knowledge and experience to plan future stock requirements with confidence, minimising risks around lost revenue through stock unavailability and optimising cash flow by limiting excessive or unnecessary purchase commitments. How It Works The SAP Business One MRP wizard uses a variety of data sources to predict future demand and determine how much of a product should be purchased or produced in order to meet that demand. By combining historic sales data and your own forecasting with sources of demand (Sales Orders, Quotations, Blanket Orders etc) and sources of supply (Purchase and Production Orders etc) entered in the system, Business One will recommend Purchase or Production Orders calibrated to meet the anticipated demand. And to further streamline the process, Business One can automatically create Purchase or Production orders based on these recommendations, reducing the administration burden and streamlining the entire Purchase process. Alternatively, Business One can simply send alerts to your Purchasing Department, striking a balance between automation and hands-on control. How can it benefit my company? Reduce errors – SAP Business One MRP replaces informal, ad... read more

SAP reaches the Champions League

Although SAP are no strangers to the IT big league, last night also saw them play a major role in the Champions League with the clash of Bundesliga team TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and Premiership club Manchester City, both of whom run SAP technology to optimise their performance – on and off the field. SAP’s role started even before kicking off as Hoffenheim relies on SAP to manage ticket sales, and the staff at the food and beverage stands in the stadium use SAP Customer Checkout to process the payments. Hoffenheim’s use of SAP Analytics in their game preparation paid huge dividends as they scored just 36 seconds into the game. But with Manchester City also using SAP technologies to manage on the field performance they equalised a mere 7 minutes later, demonstrating how SAP Technologies can deliver their benefits both at home or at away fixtures. But just as the full- time whistle blew Manchester City hit the net once again leaving the final score Hoffenheim 1 – Manchester City 2, but they clear winner on the evening was SAP Technologies. In the highly competitive world of football the emergence and rapid adoption of advanced data analytics, virtual reality, machine learning, bio-metric sensors and artificial intelligence are giving teams, coaches and athletes the data that can make the difference. So, whether it’s in sport or business SAP can give you the competitive edge, To learn more why not visit our website or contact us on... read more

Accelerate your Digital Transformation with SAP Business One Dashboard Analytics

Even if we don’t realise it every one of us have had our lives digitally transformed; It starts before we even wake up with most of us relying on a phone app to wake us up, and within minutes we are checking social media accounts, news apps, emails or even what the weather will be like today. That is only the start of it and we all now rely on technology throughout the day. Yet when it comes to business some organisations are yet to embrace the most modern Technologies, with some estimates saying that as many as 750 million users worldwide still rely on nothing more than Microsoft Excel to calculate, analyse, and in support of their business decision making. And while the flexibility and speed of this popular tool are highly valued, growing companies eventually arrive at a point where their relationship with spreadsheets doesn’t make sense anymore. But what does make sense is implementing a solution that allows you to have a real-time, 360- degree view of your business in seconds. SAP Business One gives you this with a simple click of a button. Dashboards in 2 minutes Dashboards Analytics are an intuitive and user-friendly feature of SAP Business One, providing visualisations such as bar or pie charts of the business data of your choice. This dashboard feature in SAP Business One gives business owners as they get immediate accurate and relevant data in a visual format to monitor performance with KPI’s.  SAP Business One gives you all the data you need at your fingertips allowing you to make timely and better-informed business decisions. If you... read more

Big Data – What is meant by Big Data?

Big Data is neither a problem nor a solution in itself, or even a single technology. It‘s not important how many …bytes of data business has accumulated. The issue is how to get value from Big Data by exploiting its combination of speed, complexity, and diversity? It‘s an opportunity to develop a foundation for decision management systems, incorporate new business signals into human and machine workflows, and drive growth and profit through innovation. One of the most popular aspects of Big Data today is the realm of predictive analytics. Examples of Big Data Opportunities Make information transparent and usable at a higher frequency e.g. enhance the customer’s experience as it’s happening. Identify hidden relationships, patterns, and trends within data. e.g. anticipate and avert business problems or risks before they materialize. Transform inventory allocation from a batch to an interactive process e.g. accurately predict consumer demand against stock levels and adjust promotions in-the-moment Big Data in SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA  The SAP HANA Apps to bring unstructured data into one view and analyze your data: Cash Flow Forecasting– Graphical display of your cash flow, including open documents optionally, to expose your data. Advanced Available-to-Promise- Get transparency about your inventory dynamically, in real-time to minimize costs. Enterprise Search- Locate your business information via freestyle search, and drill down to the documents and sources itself. Predictive Analysis- Use Forecasting strategies within your Dashboards to predict future and seasonal trends based on your historical data To learn more about how SAP Business One version for SAP HANA can help you grow your business with Big Data contact us directly on 01 424 2420... read more

Enabling Smart Notifications from your SAP Business One System

How many of you are bombarded by colleagues every day with requests for information from SAP Business One?   You’ve given them access to SAP Business One.  You’ve given them the Business One Mobile App.  But still, they call you looking for answers to the ‘How did we do today?’ type questions. Well, everybody carries a mobile phone, and nobody ever ignores their phone. So, let’s proactively and automatically send the most commonly requested information direct to their phones before they ask you for it. This is a Pushover™ with SAP Business One. Let’s imagine that your Regional Sales Manager invariably calls you from his car at the end of the day to ask “How many Sales Orders did we get today for my Region”.  Instead of making that call, what if he were to get an automatic notification on his phone or smartwatch at 6 pm every day giving him that information? Pushover™ is an APP available for iOS and Android that will send notifications to registered users.  This technology is easy to leverage with SAP Business One as follows: The Next Time your Regional Sales Manager is in the office, borrow his phone!! Download the PushoverTM App from the App Store or Google Play Register on . This will give you a Pushover™Key and a Pushover™ Email. Create a new User in SAP Business One – Just the basic information with the Pushover™ Email address. Write the Query in SAP Business One to count ‘Today’s Orders for the Region’. Make this textual if you can. For Example, “We received X Orders today from customers your region”. Configure an Alert in SAP... read more

Crowning glory for SAP Business One as it’s voted the best Enterprise Accounting ERP software.

Teamsoft are pleased to announce that SAP Business One has been voted the best Enterprise Accounting ERP software in the Software Excellence Awards 2017. This fantastic award really is the crowning glory for SAP Business One as the decision was in the hands of the people who matter most: end users. From thousands of user surveys SAP Business One was shortlisted for the achievement of its  developers in exceeding their customer’s needs and making a real impact on the accounting profession. The awards took place last Thursday at The Brewery in London where SAP’s Matt Sinclair, Head of SAP Business One UKI and Paul Martin, SAP Business One Product Specialist were on hand to collect the award from Countdown’s very own mathematical Wizz Rachel Riley who was on hand to present the awards. Teamsoft are delighted to be part of the SAP Business One Partner network, as this award means we are delivering excellence in products, in services and in experiences to the people who matter most; the end... read more

Teamsoft awarded “SAP Recognised Expertise” designation

Teamsoft awarded “SAP Recognised Expertise” designation Teamsoft are delighted to announce the recent award of the SAP Recognised Expertise for SAP Business One designation. With this recognition Teamsoft now joins a select group of SAP partners meeting strict criteria in solution knowledge and in-house expertise, along with a proven history of delivery capability and excellence in customer projects. The SAP Recognised Expertise designation is awarded by SAP in a formal certification process against strict and transparent criteria including required numbers of SAP-certified consultants and customer reference checks. “This is a significant milestone for Teamsoft, and proves we have invested in the skills and resources to provide the highest levels of professional service to both existing and new customers of the SAP Business One solution”, said Jim O’Reilly, MD of Teamsoft.   For further information or comment please contact; Philip Brown at or on 01 424 2420   About Teamsoft Teamsoft are veteran ERP providers in the Irish market with over twenty years’ experience of bringing the best in software solutions to the Irish business community. Now a fully certified SAP Business One partner Teamsoft meets the business software needs of customers across the Irish business landscape with this class-leading ERP product and unrivaled experience.   About SAP Business One SAP Business One is a fully integrated ERP system from the world’s leading business software producer, SAP. With functionality covering all the main areas of business activity including Finance, Sales & CRM, Purchasing, Production, Inventory and Service, SAP Business One is a powerful, flexible and affordable system to help SMEs manage and grow their business.... read more

Knowing When Your System Has Reached its Tipping Point

      Having the right software and technology is essential to growing a business – yet many companies feel the constraints of inadequate systems. Outdated applications, manual processes, and countless integration challenges consume time and resources. So how do you know when you’ve reached the tipping point? When do the costs of system maintenance and process limitations become so great that you can’t afford not to update your current systems? Below are 5 tell-tale signs that say it’s time to move to a system that better supports your growing business: • Recurring headaches about reporting • Numerous integration hassles • Rigid systems that limit flexibility • Too many unsupported business processes • Manual processes that drain time and resources Sound all too familiar? If so, there’s a good chance that you’re exhausting valuable time and energy supporting the basic needs of your business. Consider the benefits of moving to a single, complete, scalable solution that supports your needs and can grow as your business grows. One that allows you to start anywhere. One that lets you address your most pressing needs first, then add users, functions, and geographic support as your business expands. Well that one system is SAP Business One from Teamsoft. SAP Business One is designed specifically for growing SME’s, it enables company growth, helps increase profitability and control, and automates your business processes. To learn more about how SAP Business One can help your growing business without having to grow your “to do” list, contact us directly on 01 424 2420 or visit our website read more

High level Business Intelligence Cycle

The Business Intelligence Cycle: Value creation is fundamental to all businesses. We see this as a closed-loop process that drives both strategic initiatives as well as tactical operations. For some this process, or one like it, is well documented while for others it is repeated over and over with little conscious thought. To get the most from your BI investment we recommend implementing the following BI cycle: Discover – Unlock hidden patterns in your data that reveal new insights, opportunities and risks Identify hidden patterns that reveal new or expanded markets and customer segments for marketing Make instant decisions that minimize fraud, risk and losses Identify safe and secure suppliers to protect the brand   Plan –  You must first decide what to do, balance the risks with the rewards, determine how you will measure success, define measurable objectives or KPIs and establish a plan. Your plans and strategies must be thoroughly communicated to all of your employees. Set and translate strategy Create plans, budgets, and forecasts Balance the risks with rewards Define measurement and monitor risk and results   Inform – Once you understand your performance, you need to report out to both internal and external stakeholders. In many cases, there are also requirements to formally disclose financial and regulatory information. Prepare consolidated financial statements for management and regulatory purposes Disclose data to internal and external stakeholders Comply with industry regulations   Anticipate – You must always scan the horizon for opportunities to improve existing processes, new business opportunities and risks. Anticipate customer churn or employee attrition Predict how risk may impact company performance Model and optimize profitability of... read more

How to prolong the life of your CRM/ERP

Your CRM & ERP systems are valuable assets, especially if users follow best practices. Upgrading to a new system, is extremely costly in terms of new software licences, implementation, training and the reduction of productivity as users learn a new system. Wouldn’t it be better if we could still use your existing systems but get more from them? Now you can. By improving your reporting infrastructure & providing business users with quick access to the information they need most – you can start to improve efficiency, reduce churn and allow staff and managers to make better, informed and fact-based decisions. How? Our businesses generate a huge amount of valuable data via multiple platforms and mediums – such as ERP, CRM, Stock Control, Time Management, Excel sheets and Social Media. This data offers huge potential and can provide key insights such as purchasing trends and key performance figures. Typically CRM and ERP provide some basic reporting but the tools are extremely limited. If your only tool is a hammer, you will not be able to build the same things as if you had a hammer, screwdriver and saw. The same applies for obtaining valuable insights from your data. To get the full potential from the data generated by your CRM/ERP , four key CRM/ERP challenges must be targeted: 1. Doesn’t incorporate data from other sources such as essential company software, excel sheets or even social media 2. A lack of advanced analytical capabilities such as drill downs and predictive analytics 3. A weak set of standard visualizations which don’t allow for interactivity 4. Typically no mobile access By upgrading to a... read more