Enabling Smart Notifications from your SAP Business One System

Enabling Smart Notifications from your SAP Business One System

How many of you are bombarded by colleagues every day with requests for information from SAP Business One?   You’ve given them access to SAP Business One.  You’ve given them the Business One Mobile App.  But still, they call you looking for answers to the ‘How did we do today?’ type questions.

Well, everybody carries a mobile phone, and nobody ever ignores their phone. So, let’s proactively and automatically send the most commonly requested information direct to their phones before they ask you for it.

This is a Pushover™ with SAP Business One.

Let’s imagine that your Regional Sales Manager invariably calls you from his car at the end of the day to ask “How many Sales Orders did we get today for my Region”.  Instead of making that call, what if he were to get an automatic notification on his phone or smartwatch at 6 pm every day giving him that information?

Pushover™ is an APP available for iOS and Android that will send notifications to registered users.  This technology is easy to leverage with SAP Business One as follows:

  1. The Next Time your Regional Sales Manager is in the office, borrow his phone!!
  2. Download the PushoverTM App from the App Store or Google Play
  3. Register on pushover.net . This will give you a Pushover™Key and a Pushover™ Email.
  4. Create a new User in SAP Business One – Just the basic information with the Pushover™ Email address.
  5. Write the Query in SAP Business One to count ‘Today’s Orders for the Region’. Make this textual if you can. For Example, “We received X Orders today from customers your region”.
  6. Configure an Alert in SAP Business One with this Query, trigger it to run Daily at 6 pm and configure it to be delivered by Email to the Pushover™User you just created.

Job done. A Pushover.