How early is too early to plan for Christmas? Or anything else in business?

Retailers started planning for Christmas immediately after last Christmas ended, and now we are in October we will start seeing the fruits of this planning hit the shelves very shortly. And across the entire business spectrum, we all know that proper planning is an absolutely essential component of success.

So what if there was a business management system that allowed you to plan for future demand in five easy steps and with a high degree of confidence? The SAP Business One Materials Resource Planning (MRP) wizard allows you to use your hard data, market knowledge and experience to plan future stock requirements with confidence, minimising risks around lost revenue through stock unavailability and optimising cash flow by limiting excessive or unnecessary purchase commitments.

How It Works

The SAP Business One MRP wizard uses a variety of data sources to predict future demand and determine how much of a product should be purchased or produced in order to meet that demand. By combining historic sales data and your own forecasting with sources of demand (Sales Orders, Quotations, Blanket Orders etc) and sources of supply (Purchase and Production Orders etc) entered in the system, Business One will recommend Purchase or Production Orders calibrated to meet the anticipated demand. And to further streamline the process, Business One can automatically create Purchase or Production orders based on these recommendations, reducing the administration burden and streamlining the entire Purchase process.

Alternatively, Business One can simply send alerts to your Purchasing Department, striking a balance between automation and hands-on control.

How can it benefit my company?

  • Reduce errors – SAP Business One MRP replaces informal, ad hoc, error-prone production scheduling based on the instincts of one or two people with a more structured process that allows more people to participate using better information
  • Reduce direct costs – SAP Business One MRP helps reduce costs by considering both minimum order quantities and order multiples and helping users take advantage of purchase pricing quantity breaks or standard production batch sizes
  • Focus on strategic management – procurement managers can focus on strategic procurement, rather than worrying about inventory accuracy
  • Optimise stock levels – Reduce safety stock or multiple PO’s for the same item by different warehouse or purchasing managers. Move towards just-in-time stocking


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