Knowing When Your System Has Reached its Tipping Point




Having the right software and technology is essential to growing a business – yet many companies feel the constraints of inadequate systems. Outdated applications, manual processes, and countless integration challenges consume time and resources. So how do you know when you’ve reached the tipping point?

When do the costs of system maintenance and process limitations become so great that you can’t afford not to update your current systems?

Below are 5 tell-tale signs that say it’s time to move to a system that better supports your growing business:
• Recurring headaches about reporting
• Numerous integration hassles
• Rigid systems that limit flexibility
• Too many unsupported business processes
• Manual processes that drain time and resources

Sound all too familiar?

If so, there’s a good chance that you’re exhausting valuable time and energy supporting the basic needs of your business. Consider the benefits of moving to a single, complete, scalable solution that supports your needs and can grow as your business grows. One that allows you to start anywhere. One that lets you address your most pressing needs first, then add users, functions, and geographic support as your business expands.

Well that one system is SAP Business One from Teamsoft. SAP Business One is designed specifically for growing SME’s, it enables company growth, helps increase profitability and control, and automates your business processes.

To learn more about how SAP Business One can help your growing business without having to grow your to do list, contact us directly on 01 424 2420 or visit our website