Accelerate your Digital Transformation with SAP Business One Dashboard Analytics

Even if we don’t realise it every one of us have had our lives digitally transformed; It starts before we even wake up with most of us relying on a phone app to wake us up, and within minutes we are checking social media accounts, news apps, emails or even what the weather will be like today. That is only the start of it and we all now rely on technology throughout the day.

Yet when it comes to business some organisations are yet to embrace the most modern Technologies, with some estimates saying that as many as 750 million users worldwide still rely on nothing more than Microsoft Excel to calculate, analyse, and in support of their business decision making.

And while the flexibility and speed of this popular tool are highly valued, growing companies eventually arrive at a point where their relationship with spreadsheets doesn’t make sense anymore. But what does make sense is implementing a solution that allows you to have a real-time, 360- degree view of your business in seconds. SAP Business One gives you this with a simple click of a button.

Dashboards in 2 minutes

Dashboards Analytics are an intuitive and user-friendly feature of SAP Business One, providing visualisations such as bar or pie charts of the business data of your choice.

This dashboard feature in SAP Business One gives business owners as they get immediate accurate and relevant data in a visual format to monitor performance with KPI’s.  SAP Business One gives you all the data you need at your fingertips allowing you to make timely and better-informed business decisions.

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