SAP Business One for Manufacturing

As a manufacturing company, you face pressure to consistently produce high quality products on-time. While we have seen a recent shift of many companies moving their manufacturing plants to Ireland, to remain competitive there is still a need to reduce cost.

Managing quality control, efficiency and reducing cost can be extremely difficult without the correct software and visibility. Without accurate visibility, key decision makers won’t be able to make informed decisions which can stagnate any manufacturing SME, resulting in:

  • Larger than necessary lead times due to inefficient resource utilisation
  • Poor and error prone management of raw materials
  • Missing deadlines
  • No improvement in quality and compliance

Small and medium manufacturing companies, need to address these issues urgently if they want to grow and increase profitability.


What if you could get complete end-to-end visibility of your manufacturing SME? What if data is updated in real time? What if you could quickly and accurately predict delivery times, calculate order margins? Now you can.

SAP® Business One

SAP Business One for Manufacturing helps improve efficiency, control quality, reduce costs ultimately increase customer satisfaction. Our SME manufacturing customers use SAP Business One because it helps:

  • Provide accurate and predictable delivery times
  • Quickly calculate order margins
  • Reduce lead times
  • Reduce raw stock held and therefore expenditure
  • Improve responsiveness to customer demand changes
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Our SAP Business One Manufacturing Solution is extremely powerful, affordable scalable and adjustable, supporting all manufacturing processes including make-to-order, make-to-stock engineer-to-order, and configure-to-order

SAP Business One Manufacturing Experts

Teamsort are a customer and support oriented company based in Ireland who are trusted by many long standing manufacturing customers. With a combined excess of 150+ years experience of development and implementation of ERP systems within the manufacturing sector, our expert SAP Business One consultants can help you improve your business.

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