SAP Business One for Retail & E-Commerce

Retailers must find innovative ways to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. To be truly effective these methods must not be purely based on price.
Many small and medium retailers face a daily struggle to be competitive due to operational inefficiencies, slow moving stock is left on shelves, and there’s little predictive foresight into popular items which sell out fast. To make matters worse legacy systems and excel sheets don’t talk to each other making operational analysis difficult, time-consuming, prone to error and often outdated.
These problems aren’t going to go away, but only get worse as your retail business expands and grows. Change is needed.


How to maximise retail profitability?

To maximise profitability, retailers must accurately manage their stores, reduce operational costs, maximise efficiency, ensure top class customer service, and collaborate and negotiate with suppliers.
To do this most retailers need an end-to-end integrated business management solution that can provide them with real-time insight so they can make accurate and informed business decisions.

SAP® Business One

SAP Business One Retail is an end to end ERP (enterprise resource planning) integration tool for small & medium sized Retail that provides you with real time insight into the entire retail business to allow for better, more informed decision making. It covers everything from:

  • Point-of-sale (POS)
  • Financials
  • Store & stock management planning
  • Warehouse management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Loyalty programs
  • Online shopping
  • Completely integrated ERP

This affordable ERP solution is ideal for small to medium retail businesses as it is a scalable platform allowing for future growth such as new branches, products or customers. You can even view your critical real time data from your mobile or tablet device.

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Teamsoft can help

Teamsort are a customer and support oriented company based in Ireland who are trusted by many long standing retail customers. With combined experience in excess of 150 years in development and implementation of ERP systems within the retail sector, our expert SAP Business One consultants can help you improve your business.

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