The Company

Burgess Galvin Quality Control

15,000 tonnes of liquid product manufactured for a range of customers across Europe.

Burgess Galvin manufactures a wide range of skin care products, detergents, degreasers, disinfectants, traffic film removers and adhesives which serve the different needs of industry in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

The Challenge

The company was struggling to get valid reports and data from their previous ERP system.

Why SAP Business One from Teamsoft

Endorsed by their longstanding partner Teamsoft, Burgess Galvin chose SAP Business One for its uniformity and the wealth of global, online information available on the product.

The Benefits of SAP Business One for Burgess Galvin

Burgess Galvin now have a uniformity in operations and a new Global network.

AdBond Adhesive from Burgess Galvin
With SAP Business One, Burgess Galvin was able to:

  • Improve quality of operational and financial data.
  • Create enhanced information reports in sales activity, product margins, customer/product profitability and overhead analysis.
  • Offer a vastly improved client and customer user experience.
  • Obtain a wealth of data from a global client network
  • Go live in one year with no interruption to business activity or information flow.


SAP Business One has improved the quality of our data and the efficiency of our processes by a substantial margin. We instinctively know we are producing good information from the system.
– Paul Sweeney, Burgess Galvin Financial Controller.