The Business

CBC Distributors, market leader in religious goods across Ireland and the UK.

Since being founded in Belfast in 1957, CBC Distributors have become the market leader in religious goods across Ireland and the UK. They are trade suppliers to gift shops, repository shops and churches, providing a wide range of devotional items including candles, cards, communion goods, Christmas products, church furnishings and vestments. They also manufacture a number of bespoke items.

The Challenge

CBC was using outdated software to manage their operations and was struggling with their provider of the system.

Baby GiftsIt lacked the functionality they required, and a mixture of software developed over time from various sources led to difficulties in using and updating the system.

They needed a solution that had all their required functionality in one end-to-end system.

It was also vital that they had direct integration with their courier company so that orders from sales reps, the website, email, etc. could be packed with tracking number labels for pickup by the courier. The data had to feed directly into the courier’s own system so that there was no need for manual entry and no delays at collection time.

CBC was also keen on getting hands-on with the system which included writing their own reports.

Why SAP Business One from Teamsoft

The ability to manage their international distribution business end-to-end in one system

SAP Business One fulfilled all CBC’s requirements:

  • A flexible system that could adapt to their business
  • Manage immense numbers of products
  • Ability to write their own reports
  • Manage international imports & distribution
  • Ongoing support & development of the system

In SAP Business One, CBC found a system that had all the functionality they required with the flexibility to adapt to their business. It also had the power to handle the immense number of products they dealt with.

After the issues CBC had experienced with their previous system, including the inability to update it, they wanted a system that they could depend on for upgrades into the future. The scale of SAP and its renowned reputation gave them the confidence that they were buying into a product that would be supported and developed into the future.

With Teamsoft being a SAP Gold Partner and having extensive experience and expertise in ERP systems for the wholesale and distribution sector, SAP Business One from Teamsoft was an ideal fit for the CBC business.

What Teamsoft Did

The implementation team handled the complexities of an international distribution business

Teamsoft sat with CBC to get under the hood of the business and got to know the people, which meant they knew what they needed from a new ERP system. They looked at creating efficiencies within the business and automating tasks that were previously done manually.

Range of statuesIntegrations such as with their courier company and to their website were key in ensuring time-savings and a reduction of errors.

As CBC is hands-on in their management, they were keen to delve into their system and write their own reports as needed. With training from Teamsoft, they were able to become self-sufficient in doing this.

CBC operates across the island of Ireland, the UK and internationally as far away as China. This meant the planning process implemented had to be able to manage multiple complex factors, including long and varying lead times due to the transport times, as well as dealing with customs, local taxes, etc. With Brexit added into the mix, it meant every detail and eventuality had to be catered for throughout the system.

SAP Business One was implemented in a way that handled all the complexities of the processes involved in an international distribution business. Teamsoft used their depth of knowledge and experience to ensure whatever had to be done was done.

The Benefits of SAP Business One for CBC

Unlike previously, CBC now have a system easily capable of handling the volume and the intricacies of their business operations

As a result of this implementation project, CBC have now automated a range of tasks and integrated with supplier systems to ensure they have efficient seamless processes in place from order to delivery.

How SAP Business One has improved CBC’s operations:

  • Visibility in real-time and insights into potential events
  • Design and run reports on demand
  • More efficiency from the automation of tasks
  • Seamless processes through integration with third-party systems
  • The system can evolve with their business

They get value from the SAP Business One dashboards that give them visibility, not just into what is happening live right now, but also insights into potential upcoming issues.

The power of SAP Business One means that, unlike previously, their new system is easily capable of handling the volume and the intricacies associated with their business operations. They now have the latest technologies and are no longer held back by their system.

This means they can explore opportunities and advance their business with confidence in an ERP solution that can handle whatever comes their way and that can evolve with their business.


CBC was looking for a new system, but with Teamsoft they feel they got much more

Mass CardsIn contrast to their previous system provider, CBC and Teamsoft see the relationship as a partnership. Teamsoft are there to provide an overall business solution and not just install software.

What CBC appreciate most is the availability of the people in Teamsoft throughout the implementation project and ongoing since then. They are always on-hand to use their knowledge and experience to provide solutions, guidance and support.