While both SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign are both cutting-edge ERP systems from SAP for the SME sector, there are some key differences that might help you decide which suits your business best.

If you’re still unsure, then Teamsoft can work with you to help you decide what works best for your organisation based on your operational needs and the way you work. We guide you through the selection process to ensure you have the best of these great SAP ERP options helping you manage your business.

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SAP Business One

SAP Business By Design

On-premise or Cloud – Can be installed on servers on your premises or hosted on your own or managed servers in the cloud.Cloud based – Runs on SAP cloud as a software-as-a-service (SAAS) “true cloud” system.
Licensing options – Flexible options with a choice of perpetual (owned) or subscription alternatives available.Pay-as-you-go licensing – Subscription based licensing.
Highly customisable – Can be tailored to your precise requirements with greater access to change the system.Out-of-the-box solution – Ready to go system with pre-configured processes to get you up and running quickly.
Extensive integration potential – As the system operates on its own server and comes with advanced integration tools, more extensive integration is possible.Pre-built integrations – Comes with over 200 integrations which can be used to connect to widely used services.
Scalable – Extensive configuration, integration, and add-on options, plus easy addition of users means the system can evolve as your business does.Scale up in an instantAs a SAAS product, you can add users in an instant without extra computer resources.
Flexibility to align to your processes – Allows more configuration and modification to the system to reflect your business processes.Best practices pre-defined – Set up to operate with international best practice processes from the start.
Upgrade as required – You can choose to upgrade when it suits you and your operations.Upgrades automatically – Quarter updates ensure you are always on the latest version.
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