In an unpredictable and competitive world, it is essential that you can increase your output and service levels as soon as demand increases while still maintaining the same high levels of customer service.

To do this without needing to increase resources and staff levels means streamlining processes and eliminating waste. This is what it means to be a lean business.

Teamsoft can help you achieve this in your organisation with our award-winning expertise and a world-class business management solution.

What is a Lean Business?

The description ‘Lean Business’ can apply to every business type, no matter what the size or the industry.

It is a way of operating your business that helps realise its potential by continuously improving what you do while offering the best value to your customers.

This is achieved by identifying and prioritising what adds value and removing waste and wasteful practices from your organisation.

This means you gain maximum value from your outlay, and your personnel can focus on activities that bring value to the business.

Why Become a Lean Business?

When you become lean you become competitive

By becoming a lean business you can improve your competitive advantage, as you will be providing an enhanced offering to customers with the optimum use of resources within your business.

All areas including sales, purchasing, administration, logistics, manufacturing, professional services, finance, and quality control are optimised for efficiency.

By adopting best practices in all areas of your organisation, it means every process adds value to your business.

Some benefits of becoming a lean business include:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Less waste
  • Faster business response times
  • Improved quality control
  • Enhanced organisational flexibility
  • Safer work environments
  • Better customer service

How can Teamsoft help you become a Lean Business?

Teamsoft will work with you to understand everything about your operation, so we can identify and prioritise ways to improve competiveness through streamlining your business processes.

As a SAP Gold Partner, Teamsoft offers unrivalled expertise in SAP Business One, the leading ERP system for SMEs in Ireland & the UK.

As part of our process mapping during implementation, we can highlight ways to improve efficiency within your business and therefore maximise the value-add of all resources in your organisation. This ultimately leads to increased output from the same outlay, meaning greater returns and improved customer satisfaction.

With a SAP Business One solution implemented by our qualified consultants, you will have the tools in place to help you manage your operation efficiently. This can lead to increased productivity and the elimination of unnecessary waste.

You can have confidence that you have a world-class business management system in place that can effectively support your lean business as it grows.

Teamsoft can help by:

  • Streamlining business processes
  • Highlighting ways to eliminate waste and optimise efficiency
  • Focusing on what works best for you and your customers
  • Implementing a world-class business management system
  • Always being there to support and work with you as your business develops

Our Expertise is Recognised by Enterprise Ireland

Teamsoft’s expertise and efficiency in implementing cost effective business management solutions for SMEs is recognised by Enterprise Ireland and we are included in their approved directory of Lean Service Providers.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about applying Lean principles to your business, or contact your designated Enterprise Ireland contact to explore what supports might be available.