ERP for small and medium sized businesses: What it is and why you need it.

Many people ask what type of software system they need to manage their business, or do they need one at all.

Even though they might have heard of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system they might not know exactly what it is, or do not realise it is something that is now affordable for SMEs that want to effectively compete in the modern business world.

What is ERP software?

Enterprise Resource Planning software, or ERP as it is known, is a business management software solution. Every function of your business can be managed in a single system.

ERP Business Modules for small businesses

Data is shared between all departments ensuring every aspect of the business is kept in check and runs as a cohesive unit. It gives you a view across the whole business with the key information you require at your fingertips. This enables you to make decisions quickly, and react to changing circumstances to save on costs and take advantage of opportunities.

The right ERP solution implemented in the right way should help make your business more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

What are the benefits of an ERP system?

Some of the benefits that a reputable ERP system can bring to your business:

  • Automated tasks eliminate human error and free up key personnel
  • Instant sharing of data across the business
  • Processes are streamlined in single system
  • Respond faster to operational issues and to customer demands
  • Helps you ensure procedures are followed
  • Facilitates remote working
  • Instant overview of the business to enhance decision making
  • The system can grow and adapt with your business as it expands
  • Comply with industry and regulatory requirements as they evolve e.g. new EU PEPPOL and GDPR

What should you consider when selecting an ERP system?

An effective ERP system needs to enhance your business and make your life easier. It should help make your business more efficient as less time is spent on time-consuming repetitive work.

This is why it is vital that choose a solution that suits your business now, but also one that has the capability to evolve and grow as your business does.

It must be affordable and be a system that you can use without employing expertise that you do not already have.

Some considerations when selecting your ERP system:

  • AffordabilityAffordability – Are there flexible pricing options such as pay-per-user and Cloud pay as you go?
  • On-Premise vs CloudOn-Premise v Cloud – Do you prefer to access online from the Cloud or have servers in your office?
  • ScalabilityScalability – Can the system grow with your business?
  • IntegrationIntegration – Can the system integrate with other internal and external systems?
  • ReputationReputation – Is the brand reliable and recognised with a long-standing reputation?
  • Trusted PartnerTrusted Partner – Does the partner have a history of recognised expertise and customer service?

What benefits do Teamsoft and SAP Business One bring to your business?

Get a world-class ERP system from real-world people who know business.

Teamsoft have the expertise and experience to map out the processes of your business and implement a SAP Business One solution to gain maximum value from your system. We provide both on-premise and cloud SAP Business One implementations with flexible pricing options to suit you.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a complete all-in-one ERP system designed to manage all aspects of your business.

Priced to suit the SME sector, SAP Business One for small and medium businesses was designed from the ground up, making it the system of choice that ticks all the boxes.

Teamsoft, the fastest growing SAP Business One Reseller in Ireland & UK, are experts in ERP consulting, implementation & support for SAP Business One.

We have 25 years’ experience helping small and midsize businesses in Ireland and the UK to work smarter and faster.

Teamsoft are a SAP Gold Partner with SAP Recognised Expertise in SAP Business One.
 SAP Recognised Expertise in SAP Business One

We’re always there to discuss what you want from your business management system and deliver what works best for you.

Take the first step by contacting us today to learn what ERP can do for you and discuss what solution might suit your business best.