Teamsoft has been working with clients and implementing ERP systems in the Human & Animal Health sector for over 25 years. We now have an extensive portfolio of clients of all sizes in the sector who use SAP Business One to operate to the highest standards required in what is a highly regulated and process driven industry.

Choosing the right ERP system

Investing in an ERP system in any industry needs careful consideration. As well as needing the right system, you also need an ERP consulting partner that gets to the core of your business and understands how it works in terms of processes, functions and customer service.

In an area as specialised and regulated as the Human & Animal Health sector, it’s even more vital you have an expert team with extensive experience and understanding of the sector. This will mean they have the ultimate level of knowledge to implement and support an ERP system for your business.

How Teamsoft’s experience in the Human & Animal Health sector can help you manage your business

With considerable experience in helping businesses in the Human & Animal Health sector streamline their processes and achieve compliance, Teamsoft is ideally positioned to implement and support a tailored SAP Business One ERP system that can help your business attain the highest standards and thrive.

The Teamsoft difference is that we are with you every step of the way:

  • Understand your business from end to end and bring our expertise and extensive experience in your sector to your organisation.
  • Map out your processes to deliver a tailored solution that fits your business and works for you.
  • Simplify the digital processes to ensure you have the tools to stay ahead and are ready for any challenges in an innovative industry.
  • Integrate with the technologies and tools of your industry to ensure a streamlined and cohesive system.
  • Provide you with our recognised customer service and dedication to ensure that we are with you as your business innovates and expands.

See how the right ERP system can help businesses in the Human and Animal Healthcare sector:

How SAP Business One ERP system can streamline and help compliance in your organisation in the Human & Animal Health sector

As the Human & Animal Health sector is a dynamic and highly regulated industry, you need to be able to respond instantly to changing requirements and compliance requests. In an evolving digital landscape, customers, regulators and suppliers expect to engage with businesses in a streamlined and integrated fashion that facilitates traceability at all stages.

Health Sciences Production Line

SAP Business One is an affordable ERP system that can enable you to achieve:

  • Full Traceability – Manage traceability from end to end by serial number or batch number as standard, with the ability to drill down to source and location giving you the tools for compliance.
  • Streamline Information – Gather data across all departments to provide you with real-time information and enable the production of dynamic reports in an instant. This allows you schedule and make decisions promptly.
  • Automate Tasks – Automating tasks minimises clerical errors and increases your productivity. It also means information flows back through all departments from operations to procurement to accounts, therefore reducing overheads and time lag.
  • Remote Access – Mobile apps not only allow you access information instantly out in the field, but also allow for scanning and updating centrally in an instant. This increases efficiencies not only for self-sufficient roving personnel, but also for office departments that can now process requests and tasks more timely.
  • Electronic Signatures – Electronic signatures enable control and compliance throughout the process chain in a sector that requires identifiable and verifiable sign-offs.
  • Quality Management – An ERP system with greater quality assurance capabilities that can help you meet the high standards required in your industry.

As a SAP Business One Partner in Ireland with SAP Recognised Expertise, Teamsoft brings all the power of SAP in an affordable system for small and medium businesses, tailored to your specific needs.

Contact Teamsoft now to find out how we help businesses be compliant in your sector

We have experience in helping Life Sciences & Healthcare businesses like yours to get the best from their systems.

With Teamsoft and SAP Business One, you can be sure you have the tools and expertise to deliver the twin objectives of quality and cost efficiencies in the Human & Animal Health sector.