The way we work had already been changing, but Covid-19 has accelerated the transformation for many businesses.

While previously it was common in some sectors to work remotely and collaborate with others online, it has now become a necessity to enable businesses to continue functioning effectively in this changed world.

Flexible working is not just a trend – it’s here to stay.

Small and medium businesses now find themselves having to implement flexible working practices not just to continue operating, but also to offer a working environment that competes with larger organisations.

We look at how your business can benefit from using your ERP system to facilitate flexible working.

What is flexible working?

A flexible workplace is one where employees are not bound to an actual building or fixed working hours.

The options offered can vary from working from home some of the time, to choosing hours of work as suits, to working part time to fulfil a role.

Is flexible working right for your business?

You might have thought that flexible working would not be feasible for your business, but with the right ERP system for SMEs implemented with flexible working in mind, you can take advantage of the benefits it can bring.

While it was once only common in large tech companies, SMEs now find themselves having to offer flexible options to retain workforce talent. They also realise it is becoming a necessary feature to compete in all industry sectors that have become more dynamic, competitive and ‘always on’.

Some benefits of facilitating flexible working:

  • Ensure business continuity if your workforce cannot access a physical workplace
  • Attract talent from a wider geographical area to fill crucial roles in your business
  • Retain key staff by allowing them working in a way that suits them
  • Reduce overheads as a result of less workspace requirements
  • Increase productivity as employees do not need to spend time and energy commuting
  • Create an environment of task-based achievement as opposed to ‘putting in the hours’

How can SAP Business One help you create a flexible workplace?

As SAP Business One is an ERP system that can be hosted in the cloud, your workforce can work from anywhere and collaborate online with colleagues, suppliers and customers.

SAP Business One can be used to streamline workplace processes and ensure tasks and projects are progressed by the right people at the right time.

Businesses can now take advantage of an ERP system built for SMEs by a market leader that has the functionality to support flexible working.

Some of the SAP Business One features that enable flexible working:

  • Secure and easy online access over the internet from anywhere on your mobile devices and laptop
  • Tools to facilitate people in different locations meeting and working collaboratively online
  • Enhanced approval process functionality to ensure traceability and accountability
  • Management alerts to keep an eye on a dispersed workplace in real-time
  • Mobile apps for Sales and Service

How can Teamsoft help?

As a SAP Gold Partner with SAP Recognised Expertise in SAP Business One, we use our extensive experience to implement a SAP Business One solution tailored to your business.

Our SAP recognised expertise means that we:

  • Always assess your business processes and requirements first
  • Implement a tailored system that suits your business and how you operate
  • Optimise the system to facilitate flexible working in your organisation
  • Offer flexible and affordable cloud options to suit you, so you only pay for what you need
  • Bring our experience across a wide range of industry sectors to your business
  • Provide first-rate ongoing support as your business evolves and grows

We offer SAP Business One for remote access

  • Cloud – With our secure online cloud options you can take advantage of being able to easily access your hosted ERP system from literally anywhere that has an internet connection.
  • On-Premise – If you prefer to have your system installed in your office, we provide on-premise implementations with flexible licensing options that can be securely accessed remotely via Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

Flexible working is not just a trend – it’s here to stay. Contact us today to find out how we can help bring flexible working to your business.