In the world of the distributed workforce, it is vital to have an ERP system that allows you to provide people with the access they need to do their job and still keep the necessary and even regulatory controls in place.

With many organisations now having personnel in the office part-time or working from home fulltime, it is crucial that controls are in place to protect sensitive information while at the same time ensuring people can authorise necessary activities to keep the business running efficiently.

SAP Business One implemented with Teamsoft’s expertise in workflow processes can give your team the tools to work remotely while safeguarding your business activities and data.

What are the concerns associated with remote working?

With the sudden and unexpected requirement for many businesses to facilitate their personnel to work remotely, there might not have been time to apply the same level of scrutiny that would normally be applied to such a change.

Some of the issues that can arise when remote working:

  • People can no longer call across to a co-worker or supervisor in the office to confirm information or authorise an action.
  • Key personnel required to authorise purchases or payments to enable continuity of business are not as immediately available when remote working.
  • Access and visibility of company data might inadvertently be available to people outside of the organisation when devices are used at home or in remote working hubs.
  • Productivity can decrease while personnel are waiting on authorisation to carry out a task.
  • More access than necessary might be granted in the haste to allow people work, unintentionally permitting people to authorise actions outside of their role or allowing co-workers see information about each other.
  • GDPR concerns arise due to people – both internal and external to the organisation – potentially gaining access to data not required for the function of a role.

Issues such as these could negatively impact your business through breaches of sensitive data or a holdup in production or business activities, which can seriously affect morale of your personnel and undermine credibility with customers.

How an ERP like SAP Business One can help enable your people while also safeguarding your business

When you transition your organisation to the world of the virtual office, you can lose the physical controls and in-person communications that come with an office environment.

SAP Business One gives you complete control over what each person can and cannot access. User functions and permissions can be assigned at both a group and user level using Authorisations.

Within each function, different levels of access can be further applied such as full access, edit and read only.

SAP Business One General Authorizations screen
SAP Business One Authorizations & Roles screen

Additional features like Alerts Management and Approval Procedures can further enhance the checks that are in place throughout the organisation.

This granular level of authorisation ensures integrity of data and also puts safeguards in place that satisfy business process adherence and audit compliance.

This functionality in SAP Business One can offer many benefits, including:

  • Ensure due diligence is followed when carrying out tasks by implementing approval processes such as:
  • Two people to approve transactions above set value thresholds
    • Finance and director approval when adding new suppliers
    • Certain approval and process compliance to change bank details
    • Approval when applying customer discounts
  • Allow freedom to carry out specific tasks within certain limits such as:
    • Allow specific types of purchases up to certain levels or from certain supplier groups without authorisation
    • Limited customer discounts can be applied for minimum sales amounts or to certain customers
    • Payments below a certain amount to specified suppliers can be made without director approval i.e. the User IDs required for approval can vary depending on various criteria
  • Receive alerts triggered by certain actions and at certain limits.
  • Easily review or produce for audit current authorisations on screen or by exporting to Excel or PDF file.
  • Identify what has been done and by whom at all stages through system access logs and change logs.

How Teamsoft can help you keep everything under control in a remote working world

Teamsoft can help ensure the correct people have the access within the system to do their jobs and can see the information required, while still protecting sensitive data that is outside their role requirements.

We can assess and apply the correct permissions to authorise actions and the number of people required for these authorisations so that key activities such as purchases and payments happen when they need to happen to ensure continuity of your business.

Whether you have an existing SAP Business One implementation or want to explore the efficiencies and controls that Teamsoft and this leading ERP system can bring to your business, contact us today to find out more.