Maybe you are already using SAP Business One on-premise on ageing hardware and looking to move to the cloud, or maybe you’re looking for a new cloud-based ERP system.

Either way, Teamsoft’s new cloud offering can get you up and running on SAP Business One in the cloud faster and cheaper than you might expect.

Is Cloud ERP the right choice for you?

When you use a Cloud ERP system to manage your business, your system software is hosted online on remote servers in the cloud. Everything you need for your system to operate is managed remotely by experts with the assurance that your data is backed up at all times.

This means you do not need to purchase expensive computer server hardware for your office or have your own in-house I.T. expertise to manage your system and hardware.

Your cloud-based system can be accessed easily by all personnel on computer or mobile devices from anywhere. With access to data when they need it, they can become more efficient and collaborative when working remotely, at client meetings, or in the field.

Your entire business can operate from anywhere with SAP Business One in the cloud from Teamsoft

Your entire business can operate from anywhere with SAP Business One in the cloud from Teamsoft

What makes SAP Business One in the Cloud from Teamsoft so appealing to businesses?

We offer a fully managed service where we take care of every aspect of your SAP Business One system, from the underlying infrastructure to user support.

With our flexible, straightforward pay-per-user pricing, you only pay for what you need. This means you can get up and running quickly on enterprise-grade infrastructure at a low cost and scale up instantly as your business grows.

This flexibility and cost-effectiveness makes our SAP Business One cloud offering an extremely attractive ERP solution for businesses that need a system that allows them to be agile as they evolve. It also gives them the peace of mind that they are being looked after by experts on both state-of-the-art infrastructure and on the world class SAP Business One ERP system.

Some of the advantages of Teamsoft’s SAP Business One cloud solution:

  • Access your ERP system from anywhere at any time
  • High-end infrastructure at a low cost
  • No investment in expensive hardware
  • No more hardware upgrades
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Scale up to react quickly to business opportunities
  • Option to use perpetual licences or Software as a Service (SAAS)
  • Fully managed remote backups
  • Compliance with regulatory and industry standards with managed hosting

How do I make the move to SAP Business One in the cloud?

Making the move to the cloud is simple with Teamsoft’s award winning SAP Business One Gold Partner team.

With our fully managed service we take care of all aspects of your system from the hosting setup to user support. You only have to deal with one provider.

We talk you through what is involved and offer you the flexibility and options to ensure you have the cloud ERP system that suits your business.

If you already use SAP Business One on-premise, you can use your existing SAP Business One licences or avail of our Software as a Service (SAAS) option. Our experts will move all your existing configurations, integrations and add-ons to the cloud solution and ensure everything is running smoothly when you go live.

Our expertise and customer service gives you the confidence to move the cloud and take advantage of all it has to offer.

Interested in taking the first steps in moving to a Cloud ERP system? Talk to one of our experts to see if SAP Business One in the cloud is for you.