SAP Business ByDesign provides an integrated business management solution for all functions in your organisation.

As it comes with pre-built business processes  ready to go, it allows you get up and running quickly enabling every function across your company to adhere to international best-practices.

Some key pre-defined processes include:

  • HR, Time & Attendance and Payroll self-service
  • Automated processes for professional services
  • Project Management collaboration and monitoring
  • CRM and Sales flow processes
  • Manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics process automation

Key Functionality for your Operational Departments


Financial Management

  • Real-time view of your financial status
  • Convergence of external accounting requirements and your internal processes
  • All operations are seamlessly linked to your financial management requirements
  • Manage multiple operating units, currencies, and reporting standards.
  • Streamline your core accounting processes to better manage cash and liquidity.


Supplier Relationship Management

  • Central database of real-time supplier and product information enabling cost-effective negotiation of prices
  • Manage multiple supplier contracts
  • Linked purchase requests and order management allowing integration to projects and resource planning
  • Self-service procurement capabilities to save time and costs while ensuring operations continuity
  • Process automation with flexible pricing, bundling, multi-step approvals, and task management
  • Automated invoice matching
  • Identify savings by using real-time spend analysis

Project Management

Project Management

  • Manage projects of any size and complexity both commercially and within your organisation
  • Automatically push workflow tasks, alerts, and notifications to give project managers and teams clarity on assignments & timelines
  • Mobile apps allow time and expense recording, approval process and project monitoring
  • Integration across all functions, including Finance, CRM, Procurement, Logistics.
  • Built-in analytics and reporting for real-time project tracking and accounting

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

  • Use powerful warehousing & logistics functionality to seamlessly manage all elements of the supply chain both externally and internally as a single process chain
  • Gives you visibility of demand and supply across all your locations
  • Configure your supply chain to the accuracy and timeliness needed to ensure production continuity
  • Improve supply-demand matching and increase flexibility by streamlining customer and supplier collaboration
  • Cost transparency means up-to-date inventory valuation and a tight process integration to the finance function
  • Work efficiently by uniform task distribution, process automation, and exception based planning and monitoring


Customer Relationship Management

  • Expertly manage your marketing, sales, and service processes and drive customer engagement
  • Integrate front and back office into one single seamless solution
  • Complete end-to-end process from marketing to sales and customer service, through to order fulfillment and invoicing
  • Sales automation and improved account management with interfaces for online sales and e-commerce integration, point-of-sales, and invoicing
  • Use personalised customer information for more-effective campaigns, lead generation and qualification, and sales team handovers.


Human Resources Management

  • Streamline your HR processes with a single view which integrates the organisation goals, departmental responsibilities, and employee self-service
  • Time & attendance, payroll integration and labour management with centralised data
  • Create and monitor policies for regulatory and organisational compliance.
  • Faciliates a business process flow by linking with Projects, Finance, Procurement, and CRM


Built-In Analytics

  • Built-in and real time analytics connecting insights and actions
  • Support of multiple ways to extract and consume information e.g. web, MS Excel, mobile
  • Scoping of business processes when implementing means analytics out of the box
  • A single method to model and access business data
  • Adaptability allows key users to create custom-built reports and data sources
  • High-end performance through in-memory technology of SAP HANA

Built-in Help and Learning

  • Built-in and context sensitive help provides users with the help resources related to the screen the user is currently working on
  • Built-in learning environment that provides the user access to role and self-paced learning material
  • Every user can enhance the learning and help content to adapt it to the company requirements
  • Integrated incident management that is integrated with SAP’s support centre