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How to Allow Users to Update Documents in the Approval Process

  1. Go to Administration > System Initialization > General Settings
  2. Choose the “BP” tab
  3. On the right hand side, there are two options to allow documents in the approval process to be updated.
  4. You can select either or both of the following options depending on your requirements:
    • To allow changes to documents that have already been given approval, select “Enable Updating the Document Generated/Updated by the Approval Process
    • To allow changes to draft documents that are waiting to be approved , select “Enable Updating the Document Draft in Pending/Approved Status
  5. Click “Update” to save these options, and users will now be allowed to change documents.

What happens when a user changes a document that is approved or waiting approval?

  • If changes are made to a previously-approved document, the document will automatically go to be approved again.
  • The approver will always see the latest version of the document to be approved.


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