How to auto-complete data in common transactions in SAP Business One

SAP Business One makes it easy to find stored data on customers, suppliers, products and so on, to speed-up completion of common transactions such as Sales Orders.

For example, while compiling a Sales Order, in the Customer Name field, clicking on the globe icon will bring up a full list of Customers from which the relevant customer can be selected. This will also cause the rest of the Customer data to auto-complete in the Sales Order header:

How to use SAP Business One Suggestions to find information even more easily

We can make this process even more user-friendly by activating the “Suggestion” functionality in SAP Business One.

Find this under Administration > System Initialisation > General Settings > Display Tab and click on the “Enable SAP Business One Suggest” box.
How to enable SAP Business One Suggest

When this setting is activated, users will be able to start typing in a field and SAP Business One will suggest appropriate records that match the typed characters.

As in the example above, when creating a new Sales Order header, the user can simply type in the first letter or two of a customer name, and the system will “suggest” records that might be a match for what the user is looking for;
SAP Business One suggestions works for customer data

This makes it easier to find the correct record and faster to complete the transaction.

The same functionality works in other fields as well. For example, if the user is looking for a certain printer to include in an order, simply type “Printer” into the appropriate field on the order line and the system will “suggest” all the Item records that contain the word “printer”;
SAP Business One suggestions also works for products

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