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How to use Activities in SAP Business One to add auditors notes to journal entries

Activities are possibly the most under-utilised, and yet one of the most useful tools in SAP Business One.

You are making those month-end or year-end adjustments, creating a few journal entries, writing notes for the auditor in your diary and possibly sending a few emails to be certain you’ve covered every angle, because there’s a strong possibility someone will ask about it in three or four years’ time – long after all memory of your thinking on it has left your mind.

Consider using Activities in SAP Business One to make a note directly attached to the Journal Entry instead.

How to create an activity:

While you have that Journal Entry record open – simply right click on it and choose ‘Add Activity’. Make the activity of type ‘Note’ and fill in the fields as required.

How to retrieve your activity:

Right-click again on that Journal Entry and choose ‘Related Activities’.

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