Create a personalised menu with your favourite options in SAP Business One

SAP Business One allows you to create your own personalised menu for quick access to the windows & options that you use the most.

Let’s say we want to open the Profit & Loss Statement. If you don’t have a link on your dashboard, or prefer not to use a dashboard, you would need to go to Main Menu › Financials › Financial Reports › Financial › Profit & Loss Statement.

Or to make life easier, you can add this report to your own personalised menu using the “My Menu” tab of the Main Menu.

To add a report, query or window to “My Menu”:

  1. Open the report you would like to add to your menu (make sure it is the live window by clicking on it last before the next step).
  2. Click on the “Tools” drop down menu, choose “My Menu”, then “Add to My Menu”.
  3. Rename it in the next screen if you wish, choose the folder you want it to appear in, and then click “Add”.

Now when you go to the “My Menu” tab of the Main Menu, your favourite report/module will be there:

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