If you use the Payment Wizard in SAP Business One to generate outgoing payments, there might be times where you need to exclude a specific payment from the payment run.  

In today’s tip, our experts show you how to use a Payment Block to exclude a vendor in the Payment Wizard so that they cannot be chosen for payment by mistake.

How to use Payment Block to eliminate payments within the Payment Wizard in SAP Business One

In our example, if we run Banking > Payment Wizard in OEC Computers today we will get the following Vendors. We want to set up a payment block on Southwest Energy.
SAP Business One Payment Wizard

  1. Go to Business Partners and choose the Payment Run tab.
  2. Tick the box for Payment Block as shown below. Payment Block means that you are not paying this vendor for a particular reason.  Choose the reason for the payment block from the dropdown list.
    Creating a Payment Block for a Vendor in SAP Business One Payment Wizard
  3. Now when we go to Banking > Payment Wizard and go to Step 3, we go to the top right hand corner and select ‘Expanded Selection Criteria’.
  4. In the box choose ‘Payment Block’ and ‘No’.
    Viewing Payments without a Payment Block in the SAP Business One Payment Wizard
  5. This means you want to show all vendors except those with a Payment Block. Therefore Southwest Energy will not show in your Payment Wizard and can not be chosen for payment by mistake.

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