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Building queries from different tables using drag and drop

When writing queries in SAP Business One, you will notice that some columns from the table you have selected appear in bold text.

In our example, we have selected the OCRD table.  This is the Business Partner table which contains all of the customers, suppliers and leads. You will notice that the GroupNum (Payment Terms Code) and ListNum (Price List Number) are in bold:

This means that the system has a separate table of Payment Terms and a table of Price Lists that contain additional data that you may want to include in your query.

You don’t need to know or remember the names of these specific tables and you don’t need to manually code the table join.  By dragging the highlighted field into the table list, the system will automatically add the correct table and will insert the code to join the tables.

You can now select fields from both the Business Partner’s table and the Price List Table to build your query.

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