How to create Sneaky ReportsĀ in SAP Business One

Many of us are familiar with using the ‘Find’ feature in SAP Business One. We routinely search for our Business Partners or Items by code or by name while in a Business Partner or Item Master Data Record.

Did you know that this can be used for other data fields too to produce sneaky reports?

Example – Running a report in the Business Partner Master Data window

Let’s say you want to:

  1. view a list of all of our Business Partners that are marked as being intrastat relevant
  2. see all Business Partners that are assigned to a given price list.

How to run the report

  1. Open the Business Partner Master Data window.
  2. Go to ‘find mode’ either by using the binoculars icon or the CTRL & F key combination.
  3. Depending on which report you want to run:
    1. On the general tab, tick/check the intrastat relevant check box.
    2. On the Payment Terms tab choose a Price List in the price list drop down.
  4. Click on your find button & hey presto, where there is data available, you will be presented with the list of results that fit your criteria.

You may use a combination of fields to further filter your selection.

For example, find only customers that are inactive, then choose the customer option from that drop down menu, and click the Inactive option on the general tab.

Business Partner Master Data windowChoose the inactive radio button

Open the report directly in Excel

Yes – the resulting report can also be printed to Excel using the Excel icon:

Open the report directly in Excel using the Excel icon

Other Uses – Sneaky Reports in Other Windows

These sneaky reports work on most fields in the Business Partner and Item Master Data Record windows, where they are most useful. But they can also be useful in your marketing documents.

Let’s say you want to view all AR Invoices assigned to a certain employee:

Open the AR Invoice window, Go to find mode, choose the employee, and hit find:

AR Invoice window

Resulting Report

List of AR Invoices

Sort & filter your report

As always, you can double click the header of a column to sort by that content.

And if you are feeling even more adventurous you can use the filter icon to really drill down into your results:Filter icon

Filter table

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